Random Musings

Thanks to the motivation of my husband and lovely friends, I want to share my random thoughts & scribbles with you all. They would be in English and Hindi and might be of any emotion or situation. Hope to share and write more. Would love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions...

Zi Liye...

(Self introspection to know the difference between living and simply existing)

Zeene ko to zi liye,
Khushi aayi to hasn liye,
Gham aayi to ro liye.

Yeh pal beeta, woh pal beeta,
Yeh din guzara, woh din bhi guzra,
Zeene ko to zi liye.

Par wakai kya zi liye?
Muskan ko ek bahana bana liya,
Khaalipan ko uske peeche chipa liya.

Zeene ko to zi liye,
Par zeena kab bhul gaye,
Woh bhi ab yaad nahi.

Rut beeti, samay badla,
Riston ka mayna badla.
In badlate palon ne zeevan badla.

Par kya wakai zi liye?
(To be continued.....)

Jab hasin hoton ko paar kar jaaye,
Jab khawab aasman ki udaan bhar jayien,
Jab mohabat zindaji ban jayen,
Tab mein kahoon ki zi liye,

Jab nadi paron ki neeche se bah jayein,
Jab kahakein se ghar bhar jayen,
Jab sur aur taal mil jayen,
Tab mein kahoon ki zi liye,

Jab har pal jiye, tab mein kahoon ki zi liye,
Jab har rang ko odh liya, tab mein kahoon ki zi liye.
Jab apna chod, doosre ki liye zi liye, tab mein kahoon ki zi liye,

To kya wakai zi liye?

Hues of Sun
Yesterday I saw Sun. Not indifferently as a mere source of light, like I always did. But I saw a face in him. A face of character, moods and emotions.

In the quietness of the night slipping away, I tried to rise to see the beauty of dawn. 

It was then I saw a face of a child waking up. 
In the early noon, when my eyes met his, I saw a man of the world.
Ready to take on the world. 
The confidence was there for all to see.
In the brightness of the face and glow of the aura it exuded.

At the peak of the day, when I dared to look at him, I saw the eyes of a mad man. 
Angry with the world & with him. 
And as if punishing himself, it was gulped in the scorching heat.
That was overflowing from its' heart & mind. enveloping it.

At dusk, I saw the grace and warmth of a woman in him. 
A lady, whose heart is filled with love.
As she returns her home and meets her beloved at the horizon. 
This love was a spectacle of gold in the sky in all its lovely hues.

And at night, when with sleepy eyes, I tried to look for him.
He had gone far, far away.
To be lost in the clouds.

Khamosh Pal 
(Silence of night and stillness of moment and the emotions evolving from it)

Yeh pal tham gaya hai, thahar gaya hai,
Shayad kisi se saham gaya hai....

Andhere ko odh liya hai,
Mujhe to ujale se dar lagta hai,

Parchai ko humsafar bana liya,
Par aaina begana lagta hai,

Yeh pal tham gaya hai, thahar gaya hai,
Shayad kisi se saham gaya hai....

Khamoshiyan bolti hain ab,
Khud ki awaaz se dar lagta hai,

Khawishyein chain ki need so rahi hai,
Phir yeh nigahein kis ko dhoon rahi hain,

Yeh pal tham gaya hai, thahar gaya hai,
Shayad kisi se saham gaya hai....

She's just like me......
(The quirks, charm and softness of being a woman)

A girl with wings, a child with dreams,
A woman of passion, a man of caution,
Fat for the mirror, slim for the mother,
Ordinary for strangers, Extraordinary for the family

She's just like me......

She makes plan, she changes plan
She loves chocolate, she hates calories

She talks without reason
Wants gifts in every season

She's just like me......

Ready to dance at any excuse
Too vulnerable to be misused

Soft for the baby
Tough for the world

She's just like me......
And she's like you......and like you too!!
She's a woman.

(The emotions flooding a new mother and her joy of discovering new learnings & emotions)

"I came to know what miracle is,
When I felt a kick inside;
I came to know what love is;
When I held him tight;

I came to know what pride is,
When he's loved by all;
I came to know what tender is,
When he looks so small;

I came to know what music is,
When I heard him giggle;
I came to know what dance is,
When I saw him wriggle;

I came to know what beauty is,
When I saw a smile on his  face;
I came to know what joy is,
When his feet took a pace;

I came to know what sorrow is,
When tears rolled down his cheek;
I came to know what longing is,
When I wait to hear him speak;

I came to know what identity is,
When mirror shows reflections so alike;
I came to know what passion is,
When seeing him, my emotions  go for a hike.

Miracle he is, since he teaches us things new.
And makes us experience emotions anew"

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